When applying for a new role, completing job application forms can often be more of a challenge than writing your CV.

There can be limited space on the form; you may not know the best answer to write for a given question; the questions may not be asked in a way that brings the best out of your experience and skills; there may not be any means of formatting or setting out your responses in a way that catches the eye.

The reasoning behind application forms is to standardise the initial application process and ‘level the playing field’.

However, just like writing a CV or succeeding at interview, how you sell yourself is really key to making your application form stand out and succeed at securing you an interview. Standard application forms often don’t make it easy for you to impress the reader.

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Utilising the skills of healthcare specialist CV writers to complete your form will give your application the edge.

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Common issues applicants have when completing an application form:

  • Not taking application forms as seriously as writing their CV.
  • Copying and pasting chunks from their CV or covering letter instead of ensuring the application is specific.
  • Not thinking about the application from the hiring manager’s point of view and considering what they want to see.
  • Not understanding the question being asked and what the employer is looking for in the answer.
  • Not being able to format the text in a way that makes it stand out from other applications. In today’s competitive recruitment markets, job adverts often receive hundreds of applications. Considering that the hiring manager will perhaps only interview around 10% of those who have applied for the role, then your application really needs to stand out.

Our Application form completion service will ensure that your application is:

    • Accurate and specific to the question asked.
    • Written in the best way to sell your strengths and skills for each question.
    • Composed to make life easy for the recruiter reviewing the applications.
    • Structured in a way that makes your application stand out from the rest (even if the application form allows for no formatting!)

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How it works: Coaching Process



Place your order and we will contact you to go through the details of the role that you’re applying for and the specifics of the application form



Your coach will consult with you on the questions asked and gather all the information required to answer the questions



We construct the responses in draft format, selling your strengths and skills for each question.



You review the responses and we refine the answers until you are happy. We also format it to ensure that your application stands out.



You submit the final version of the form and we advise you on the action to take to ensure your application is seen by the right person.


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Types of forms completed

We have completed application forms on behalf of clients for a wide range of roles including the following:

Vertica Guarantee

Regardless of the role that you are applying for, we can guarantee that an application completed by Vertica will significantly improve your chances of securing an interview.

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  • NHS Application Forms … for medics, nurses, pharmacists, dentists, OT’s, physios, midwives, technicians and more
  • Pre-registration placement applications
  • Community pharmacy job applications
  • Private dentist job applications
  • Private hospital applications
  • Pharmaceutical industry application forms

… plus many more!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the process take?

  • From purchasing the service to completion, typical turnaround time is 5 working days – dependent on your availability to go through the required information with your coach.
  • We do have an express service where we guarantee delivery within 48 hours for those on a tight deadline.

What information do I need to supply to my coach?

  • The more information we have on your background, the role and organisation the better.
  • As a minimum we require the job description and application form questions, a copy of your CV or other relevant written information about yourself to support the application.
  • We would then discuss this in detail with you over the phone before going ahead and creating the 1st draft of answers.

What extras will I receive as part of the service?

  • By going through the consultation process with one of our coaches, you will gain an insight into how to market yourself, how recruiters view applications and what to think about for potential interviews.
  • This information will be of significant valuable in the job search process and will help you throughout your career.