These Terms & Conditions constitute the contract between VERTICA and the Client and are deemed to be accepted by the Client by virtue of confirmation of your acceptance of these Terms and making full payment for the service.

These terms contain the entire agreement between the parties and unless otherwise agreed in writing by a representive of VERTICA, these Terms of Business prevail over any previous terms of business or purchase conditions put forward by the Client.

No variation or alteration to these Terms shall be valid unless the details of such variation are agreed between VERTICA and the Client and are set out in writing and stating the date on or after such varied terms shall apply.

Purchasers of our services enter into a contract, which is written within the sole jurisdiction of English courts of law. Payment shall be through Worldpay or Paypal and its these terms and conditions that will apply. In addition work will not be commenced upon an instruction from a client until full payment has been cleared by Worldpay or Paypal and has reached VERTICA.

All Fees are stated are inclusive of any applicable Taxes.  The price quoted for our products and services is the price paid by the client.

A contract only exists once VERTICA accepts your order. We reserve the right to decline your order or to withdraw services/goods at any time without notice. We accept no liability for refusing to accept your order or withdrawing services.

Our Refund and Cancellation Policy forms part of the contract between VERTICA and client – purchasing a service, product or event implies acceptance of all terms and policies of VERTICA.

All prices and services are subject to change without prior notice. We accept no liability for changing any prices.

VERTICA accepts in good faith information, which purchasers of its services provide, and is not in any way responsible for the accuracy of such information. Furthermore VERTICA is not responsible for the accuracy of any information, which is written in a purchaser’s CV or any other document provided by VERTICA.

It is the responsibility of purchasers to ensure the accuracy and veracity of information provided to VERTICA, and information, which subsequently is written into any document provided by VERTICA.

CV Writing Service & Application Form Completion

Completion Times: In addition to the above, the client accepts that the VERTICA CV writing and application form completion services are dependent on relevant information being submitted by the client. Any completion times for these services are quoted once all relevant information has been submitted by the client.

Revisions: The client is entitled to unlimited revisions of their CV or Application Form after the initial draft has been produced. Although VERTICA aims to be flexible to client requirements, we reserve the right to provide no further revisions if no requests are made by the client for 28 days.  We also reserve the right to limit further revisions if the demand and type of revisions are deemed unreasonable by the VERTICA consultant.

Interview Coaching

Timescales: For our interview coaching service, VERTICA expects reasonable timescales to prepare the client for their interview, given that the service offers 2 sessions with preparation time required before each session.  VERTICA accepts no liability for lack of preparation time due to booking of this service very close to a particular interview.


In the unlikely event of the need arising, VERTICA reserves the right to cancel or alter the time, date and location of any workshop, training session or event without accepting any liability from the client.  Under such circumstances, VERTICA will offer alternative options to accommodate the client or a full refund if required.

Workshops will start promptly at the stated time and VERTICA accept no liability if a client is late.

Career Coaching

Career coaching is booked on an individual basis and the schedule and material covered will be set out after an initial consultation.

Terms and conditions for any career coaching services will be set out and agreed at the point of booking and confirmed in writing once payment has been received.

Interruptions to service

VERTICA is not responsible in any way for any interruptions to the service it provides as a result of breakdown of internet or other supporting services, and does not undertake any liability for any losses which may occur as a result of such breakdowns. We will, however, use its best endeavours to deal with such errors.


VERTICA retains the right to terminate any contract with any client should it so wish at any stage in the production of any document, and retains the right to keep fees paid.